Are Cafés the New Office?

The freelance economy is in a consistent state of growth, and with it comes a big rise of remote workers. Among the greatest benefits of being a remote worker is the ability to work from anywhere.

Your bed, a coffee shop, an island off Italy – wherever it is, you can work from there as long as you have an internet connection. Being remote workers ourselves, we often find ourselves at cafes next to other freelancers, contractors or entrepreneurs.

It got us thinking that in today’s society, the café is the new office. Water cooler talk is replaced with chatter in line for a coffee or waiting to get some sugar. Tables are full of open laptops, lattes, books and people eager to get some work done in an environment that doesn’t distract them.

The plus side to working at a café instead of at home is that you aren’t distracted by the menial tasks at home that need to get done, like laundry or dishes. In a coffee shop, you either work or talk to patrons – no housework necessary!

Remote workers, where do you prefer to work? Are you a home worker? A co-worker? A coffee shop connoisseur? We’d love to hear!

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