Boston In our Hearts

It seems like it was just last week when we were sharing our condolences for the victims of the Newtown massacre, and now here we are again expressing our deepest sympathies for everyone involved in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Social media and blogging are a tricky concept when crises hit. It is, for lack of a better word, rude to tweet about your business when three people have lost their lives, and many others, limbs.

So today we are giving up this blog space to share some of the good news that came about after Monday’s horrific events. The bombing ended up proving how strong the human spirit is, and that’s what we’d like to share today. Here are some of our favorite things that have surfaced on the web since Monday:

The Boston Bruins crowd, at the first major sporting event since Monday, delivered a tear-jerking national anthem

A three-time Super Bowl champion (and cancer survivor) carries an injured woman to safety

Boston locals opened their homes to the marathoners by means of this Google document.

These 10 heroes didn’t hesitate for a second to help those in need

Marathon runners kept running all the way to Mass General Hospital to give blood to the injured. 

People all over the world are running for Boston

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