Can Anyone Be a Virtual Worker?

While working remotely isn’t a fit for everybody, it’s a great fit for many. We all know that happy workers are good workers, and allowing someone to work on his or her own terms skyrockets productivity. What someone may spend three hours doing in an office environment, they could likely take care of in an hour from the location of their choice.

There are a few traits of successful remote workers. The good news is that anyone can adopt these!

  • Motivated. If the only reason you can get out of bed in the mornings is that you have to be in the office at 8 sharp, don’t count out working virtually. As long as you meet deadlines, you can take care of your work whenever you’d like. Whether you get a start on your day at 11 AM or your creativity flows at 2 AM, you can be a successful remote worker if you’re motivated enough to turn your work in when expected.
  • Trustworthy. If your boss doesn’t trust you, you might face some problems. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create trust by setting deadlines and making them or, better yet, beating them, along with frequently delivering more than is expected of you. If you create a level of trust with the person you’re working for, your success will come far easier to you.
  • Communicative. Let’s face it, poor communication results in poor work. If you put in some effort to be available and call in daily to catch up and discuss progress, communication issues will be far less common. Just remember that it’s always better to over share (work appropriate, of course) than to under share – that way nothing slips through the cracks.

If you’re considering taking on the virtual worker title, don’t be afraid. Anyone can do it as long as they can stay motivated, be trusted and communicate well.

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