Connecting Busy Franchise Owners with Pre-Screened and Assessed Contractors

Franchise owners are busy people. Not only do they have a business to run, but they have employees to manage and standards to meet. Taking care of all the countless responsibilities a franchise owner has, hiring is just about the last thing they’d care to make time for.

That’s what we’re for.

PredictiveTalent isn’t your typical job board. We understand the cost – both in terms of time and money – in hiring the right candidates, so we’ve created a formula to help you find and place the very best talent and support services for your needs.

Our team has extensive screening experience. We make sure your specific needs (and believe us, needs can be very specific!) are understood before we start looking at candidates.

We require our virtual talent and support specialists to meet specific criteria before they are even allowed to submit an application. On top of that, we only utilize U.S.-based talent.

Before we make a connection between you and your candidate, we pre-screen and interview for you. You read that right! We actually screen and interview the candidates before we make the suggestion for you, taking the heavy weight off your shoulders.

If you’re a franchise owner and need some support, call 952.921.8813 or email for information.

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