A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

Freelancing has quickly swept the United States and is blossoming into more of a lucrative, comfortable career choice for many than the corporate world is. And it’s no wonder why! If properly managed, the life of a freelancer can be liberating and inspiring.

Here’s what a day in the life of a freelancer (who we’ll call Sally) looks like:

Sally’s alarm doesn’t go off. Instead, she wakes up naturally to the light peeking through her windows. She goes outside to pick up her newspaper and sits at her dining room table while she catches up on the news. Being a freelancer, she’s got to be in the know.

Once she gets dressed, Sally grabs a coffee from her neighborhood coffee shop, likely saying hello and goodbye and communicating on a first-name basis with the employees. Once she gets to her desk she’s already been briefed with the current goings-on and has a strong coffee to get her through the day.

She looks at her list To-Do list and prioritizes by what is due when, and which project will take the most amount of time. Sally works on a project, switches to another one after about an hour, then realizes it’s almost time for her noon lunch meeting with a client (or friend, mom – anybody!)

Sally returns home and hops on a conference call while sipping on some more coffee and prioritizing the second half of her day. She cranks out some work – be it calendaring, web design or copywriting – and sends it off to her clients once she’s perfected them.

Come 3:00 PM Sally needs a pick-me-up, so she grabs an apple from her kitchen and spends some time reading over blogs and various social media channels to find inspiration. With an hour and a half left in her workday, Sally decides to finish up some assignments and email them off for approval.

This is just one small example of what a day in the life of a freelancer can look like. If you’re more of a night owl, maybe you don’t wake up until 10 AM, take a big break in the early evening and get back to work from 5:00 until 7:00. It doesn’t matter because freelancers get to choose when and where they work. The freedom, autonomy and flexibility that comes with freelancing is likely why it’s becoming such a prominent part of the workforce now. Plus, it’s hard to be micro-managed when nobody’s looking over your shoulder, and we all know that micro-managing only puts a damper on work.

Do we have any freelancers out there? What does your day like?

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