Delegation: The Essential to a Healthy, Growing Business

It used to be that entrepreneur magazines – Inc., Fast Company, Entrepreneur, etc. –would advise small businesses not to hire until it is absolutely necessary. Now the rules have changed and a common topic amongst the business professionals is to bring on help as soon as you need it … or even sooner.

This article in Entrepreneur Magazine titled “Buy Time by Buying Expertise,” hits the nail on the head. When you spend your precious time and efforts on the work you are good at and delegate the rest, you are essential buying time. You free up the time you spend doing menial tasks so you can work on what’s important: growing your business.

Serial entrepreneur Richard Branson (one of the most admired entrepreneurs of all time) says in this article that the key skills he uses to build his empire are: “the art of delegation, risk-taking, surrounding yourself with a great team and working on projects you really believe in.” If Branson’s number one skill is delegation, count us in.

This Business 2 Community post says that learning to appreciate the importance of delegation is essential for anyone in business who strives to be successful. Business owners just can’t do it all; no matter how good they are at multi-tasking. If a business owner does in fact do it all, you can’t expect the output to be that good.

If you want to start looking into delegating some of your daily tasks, give this Fast Company article a read first. It covers six steps to work through when delegating.

The bottom line is simple. If you want to grow your business you need to relinquish some control and bring on help. And once your business starts picking up some traction you’ll be happy you did.

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