EO: The Entrepreneurs’ Organization You Need To Know About

If you’re an entrepreneur and haven’t yet heard of EO, we want to introduce you to this incredible group. Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a peer-to-peer group with a purpose of building the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.

We just got back from an EO outing in Guatemala and can vouch for them – they have built such a community with over 700 members in Latin America alone. The thing that differentiates EO from other entrepreneur groups is that you actually have to be an entrepreneur (not a leader, president or otherwise) in order to be a part of it. Another distinguishing factor is that this group provides peer-to-peer counseling not just for work, but in terms of family and personal areas of your life as well.

The people you’ll meet in your EO chapter are the kind of people willing and able to help you learn and grow. By sharing experiential advice, fellow members become a great resource for growing your business and growing yourself personally.

EO spans the globe, with 131 chapters in 40 different countries and 9,500 members. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a group to be a part of, check out EO’s website and see how you can become a member.

Hope to see you at future EO meetings!



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