Five Reasons Social Media Can Help Drive Business Sales

It’s no secret that businesses benefit from having a presence on social media. As long as the presence is consistent, current and accurate, businesses are better off putting themselves out there on social media platforms than not. Here are five reasons that having a good social media strategy and execution in place can help your business drive sales:

Customer Service

Social media has become a form of 24/7 customer service. And while that might sound exhausting for you, your customers will, without fail, utilize Facebook or Twitter as a resource. If they have a question about hours, products or events, they will ask. What’s important is that you respond in a timely fashion.

Brand Awareness

Many say that it takes seven “touches” for someone to register your name or your business. Social media counts as touches! If you post an update on LinkedIn, share a photo on Facebook and the same person sees both, they are well on their way to knowing who you are.


When you have a consistent voice throughout your social media channels, your website and in-person, you are showing your clients that what you see is what you get. Here is your opportunity to show the world what you’re all about! That brings us to the next point:


Social media gives businesses the opportunity to become people, not businesses. People care about people, and showing off your personality through blog posts, funny articles or even pictures of your staff gives your clients and customers a look behind the wall of the business and into the people that make it.


Many businesses fear the negative feedback that comes hand-in-hand with social media. But the way we look at negative comments is as an opportunity for the business owner to show the world how they respond. With each negative interaction the business owner has a choice: he can be reactive or he can be responsive, and the world will see whichever they choose.

When customers get to know your brand by understanding your voice, how you deal with business snafus and how responsive you are to customer service inquiries, they are becoming connected with you whether they know it or not. And a good connection leads to good sales!

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