How Are Your 2013 Goals Coming?

We’re nearing the middle of the year already! Looking back, how have you been taking steps to meet your 2013 goals? If your goal was to expand and bring in more clients, what steps have you been taking? How’s your advertising or social media campaign going?

We don’t want to taunt you, as we’re looking back at our own goals and noting what we need to work on as well, but we want to encourage you to delegate! Spend your time doing what you know best and hand out the rest of the tasks to others. Not sure who can help you out? We have a huge database of virtual talent looking for work. They can help you with IT support, research, marketing, email correspondence … you name it!

When you look back at your 2013 goals and think about having someone help you reach them, the task ahead may look a little less daunting.


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