How Can You Ensure You’re Hiring the Right Person for the Job?

When hiring virtual or permanent talent, it’s really important you’re picking the applicants that are the most likely to succeed. As a best practice and through our years of research, we know that these four steps will increase your bottom line for your business:

1) Heavily recruit using your social media networks. Post your job opening on Craig’s List, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your website and your blog. Ask people to retweet and spread the word. This will broaden the spectrum of people who might be interested.

2) Have a foolproof online screening system in place. By having a reliable system in place you will be presented with scored and ranked aptitudes without wasting time. This way you’ll know by a click of the mouse which talents you should focus on.

3) Conduct a proper behavioral interview. You can do this by providing the interviewee with situational questions. This will show you how he or she will act during situations in which you’ll need them to think and act quickly.

4) Further assess competencies through additional testing. Such tests could be skilld-based testing if applicable, or testing for specific competencies for the job. It may seem superfluous to continue to assess your talent, but in the end it will only save you time and money.

Next time you look for talent, try out our four steps and let us know how they worked for you. If you would like a free assessment to try, give us a call at 952-921-8813 or e-mail us at

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