How Do You Plan to Grow Your Business in 2013?

If you’re a small business looking to broaden your horizon and bring in more clients, you likely need a little help. Sometimes outsourcing can get a bad rap, but we’re convinced that it’s the only way for the little guys to grow. If there’s something you really dislike doing, hire someone by the hour to take care of it for you and spend your time and energy on something you love.

There’s no need to bring on a full-time employee when there are countless freelancers eager to pick up a few hours here and there. You’d be surprised how easily your tasks will be completed and how happy you’ll be that you have the extra help. Not sure what to outsource? Here are just a handful of ideas:

• Quickbooks
• Scheduling
• Email Correspondence
• Social Media
• Advertising
• Marketing
• Research
• IT Support

The list is virtually endless. While you’re laying out your plans to meet your goals this year, consider delegating tasks to someone else so you can really focus on growing your business.

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