How To Remind Your Employer You’re Valuable

As a virtual worker your employer won’t necessarily see how hard you work day in and day out; he or she will only see what you produce. If you produce consistently and efficiently, your employer will at least appreciate your work.  But a lot of people can be efficient and a lot of people are willing to work for less pay. To be fully content as a virtual employee it’s important to show your employer how valuable you are.

This article in the TIME highlights three ways to become a more valuable employee, via an article in Harvard Business Review. These tips aren’t specifically for those who work remotely, but they can be applied to anyone, virtual or not:

  • Think like a shareholder. Work as though the success of the business means the world to you.
  • Focus on the highest priorities. Harvard Business Review suggests speaking with your manager about how you can help drive revenue. Bringing in some profit will make you very valuable.
  • Concentrate. Don’t lose site of your higher goals for the business. Make sure to complete the tasks at hand, but always strive for a little more.

Do you think applying these tips would be helpful in reminding your employer why he or she hired you in the first place? Do you have any tips to add?

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