Our Beef with oDesk and Elance

The influx of worldwide collaboration has a lot to do with sites like oDesk and Elance creating a marketplace where anybody could do any job from anywhere in the world. It’s a neat idea and is a convenient way for small business owners to get jobs done (such as design, proofreading, copywriting, web creation, and more). But there’s something about these job boards that rub us the wrong way.

The issue we have with online work teams like these is twofold:

  1. Jobs are given to people all around the world, meaning American companies utilizing these boards aren’t doing their part in sustaining American jobs. Plus, wouldn’t you rather hire a native speaker to do your writing for you?
  2. The process of finding workers through these boards is time-consuming and costly, and there are many more failed transactions than successes. While it may appear that paying someone in India is less expensive, the amount of time it takes you to find the right freelancer who does the job exactly as you want it is actually more costly in the end.

Using a local job board that sources strictly Americans (like ours) is more cost-effective for several reasons. First, we do the searching and screening for you. This ensures that the freelancers are capable individuals who have proven successful with us. Second, you save time and money when your first freelancer is the only one you use. If you bring on the right person to do the job, you won’t have to spend more time and money looking for someone who can do it better.

We want to know: have you ever used oDesk or Elance? How was your experience? What did you like or dislike about it?

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