PredictiveTalent Focuses on the Franchise Industry

While PredictiveTalent is continuing to provide virtual services to any sized company in any industry, we are choosing to focus a little more on the franchise industry! We are doing this for two reasons:

1) We are very familiar with this industry because our other firm, PredictiveProfiles, helps franchisees with staffing.

2) We already have many clients within this industry.

With both PredictiveProfiles and PredictiveTalent, we make sure hiring in Texas is the same (in terms of quality) as hiring in Minnesota, and we implement consistency throughout the process. Franchisees need our help and PredictiveProfiles has been successfully providing them with what they need. Now PredictiveTalent is helping with this too!

So what do we do to help franchisees? We connect them with competent virtual staff that can help them with bills, scheduling meetings or placing ads. A tremendous amount of work goes into operating a franchise, so we changed directions in order to provide franchisees with the support they require.


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