Should I ship my work offshore?

A question many business owners ask themselves is, “should I ship my work offshore?” Sure, there are some reasons that make it seem like a great idea. It’s less expensive, offshore employees work while we sleep, and you don’t have to provide them with office space or equipment.

But do those pros really outweigh the cons? When it comes to off-shoring your work, you get what you pay for. Often times you’ll have to spend additional time managing for quality control purposes, making sure what the offshore employees produced is up to your standards. And that’s not to mention the economic implications of hiring someone from the U.S.

The answer is a personal choice, but next time you ask yourself if you should ship your work offshore, you might want to follow it up with, “Is the U.S. economy important to me?” and “Do I have extra time to spend on quality control?”

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