Think. Think Different.

There's an old saying that goes, If what you're doing isn't working, do something else. This is what we're all about at PredictiveTalent. We think about work in a different way and we want to share our thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. This new way of thinking is about to make a big appearance -- and bigger impact -- in the workforce.

We are currently in a time that's considered the Sharing Economy. People located on the West coast collaborate daily with those on the East coast; the same goes for the North and the South. We've become a nation of freelancers, entrepreneurs and contract workers, and this is no trend, by the way. This is becoming the new norm. And why wouldn't it?

Say you need some website rebranding. Which would make more sense to you: hire a fulltime designer, give him or her benefits, office space and equipment? Or hire him or her on a project-by-project basis? The latter, right? This isn't a dig to the freelancers, either, as they're quickly accumulating job after job in this same format. They don't want to be brought on fulltime -- they want to do your projects and someone's projects in L.A. and in Portland and in Manhattan. 

Like it or not, this new economy is something that's here to stay, so we all might as well get used to it! As business owners it will be beneficial to you, we promise. The amount of money you save by hiring competent, professional freelancers and contract workers as opposed to bringing someone on fulltime to take care of all your miscellaneous work is astounding. 

Give it a shot. You've got nothing to lose!


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