The Value of Skype for Remote Businesses

Skype has been an invaluable tool for us at PredictiveTalent. We use it for constant communication between our team; a sort of intra-office chat. And we know we’re not the only ones. According to this piece in TechCrunch, Skype has surpassed 280 million users.

Historically, Skype was a means of communication for families separated by distance. Whether it was to have a “face-to-face” video chat or to talk for free while on different continents, Skype has always been much loved between families and friends. Now it’s become increasingly popular amongst businesses, likely thanks to the influx in remote and virtual workers.

At PredictiveTalent we’ve got people from all over the place that we need to keep in contact with. Canada, Washington, Georgia and Texas are just a few places where you can find our staff, and we are constantly connected via Skype.

How do you use Skype? If it’s not your main mode of communication as a remote worker, what do you use instead?

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