What do Minnesotans do in the Winter?

It’s February, which means one thing in Minnesota: the winter blues! Fortunately, Minnesota is full of lakes and trails and beautiful scenery, so we actually get outside and have some fun!

Last year we were even ranked the third-healthiest state, despite the fact that it’s so cold for so many months. So what do we do in the wintertime? You might be surprised!

One obvious activity is snowmobiling. Many suburbs have good trails, but the farther you go the more space you have to cruise around! If dressed properly, snowmobiling can last for hours.

It comes as a surprise to many, but one thing Minnesotans do in the wintertime is bike! Not everybody braves the cold on their bikes, but it’s incredible how many people you’ll see daily bundled up and conquering the snow and ice. Being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S., Minneapolis is full of hardcore bikers, snow or not.

Walking the lakes is another activity that Minnesotans keep up with during the winter. Most people you’ll see around the lake this time of year are dog owners or runners, but on occasion you’ll even see some people out for a nice, brisk jaunt. While it’s certainly cold, the lakes are beautiful in the winter.

Besides fun outdoor activities, the Twin Cities are full of great theater productions, entrepreneurship meetings and events and lively bars and restaurants. While the activity doesn’t quite compare to all the goings-on in the summertime, Minnesota is actually a great place to be in the wintertime.

Cheers to the last few months of snow! 

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