What Does the Ability to Work Anywhere do to the Marketplace?

We’ve seen a lot of changes in recent years with the ability to work for anyone from anywhere. Countless executive assistants are picking up gigs as virtual assistants, helping small business owners run their businesses from the comfort of their home, a coffee shop or even a faraway destination. The same goes for accountants, graphic designers, website builders and more.

These changes make the ability to find work and delegate work much easier. It’s broadening the marketplace in that one does not necessarily have to live near the business owner in order to work for him or her.

As for the business owner, he or she doesn’t have to pay full salary or provide benefits, not to mention paying for office space, equipment and utilities for that space. This broadens the marketplace as we know it, as more people are becoming specialists and business owners can give several different people work at the same time while they practice their preferred skill.

It’s hard to say where the influx of remote working will take us, but one thing is clear: working remotely is no longer the exception to the rule; it’s now commonplace.

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