What Smart Phones and Virtual Talent Services Have in Common

The way the world functions has changed dramatically since Apple introduced us to the iPhone and iPads. Gone are the days in which you get into arguments around the dinner table over how many feet are in a mile; all you need to do now is pull out your smart phone and type it into Google or ask Siri, and voila! The answer is at your fingertips.

On the same token, this type of technology enables us to conduct business no matter where we are in the world. With virtual talent services you can contract out jobs when and how you want them. Services like Skype and Basecamp support virtual communications and help keep your team keep in contact while you’re away.

Mobile phones and virtual services have revolutionized how people conduct everyday life. Mobile devices are loaded with apps to make life easier and more productive, all the while virtual talent (such as freelance writers, administrators, executive assistants and the like) provide quality business support, no matter the location of the business owner.

Fortunately for business owners, conducting business is easier than it’s ever been thanks to virtual talent support and all the supporting technology.

Tell us, what technologies could you not live without?

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