Hire Smart

Your Simple Franchise Solution for Sourcing, Identifying and Retaining Top Talent

If you’d like a continuous flow of qualified candidates, ranked and scored specifically for your franchise’s unique needs… all you have to do is say YES.

We’ll do the rest.


  • Effective third-party sourcing for your franchisees
  • More than 20 years of industry experience
  • We specialize in working with franchise companies
  • Customized job- and company-specific talent criteria


  • Fast-track hiring top talent for your specific needs
  • Pre-written and fine-tuned job descriptions
  • We partner with INDEED, post and send you qualified candidates – all done FOR you
  • Only pay for the months you have hiring needs

How it Works

We are the Faster, Simpler Franchise Solution
for Providing Quality Candidates

PredictiveTalent™ is your franchise hiring partner. There are zero start-up fees and a flexible, low- cost monthly plan. You only pay for the months you need – and we continue to collect applications, even when you’re not actively filling jobs. When you’re ready, it’s as simple as turning on a faucet. We even submit postings to INDEED for you.  Give us a try today.

How Does the Process Work?

How do I get started?

Simple. Once your franchise company is onboarded, we’ll schedule a demo to walk you through the process and get you signed up!

Are there any long-term contracts?

The service is month-to-month. AND, you only pay for the service during the months you need it. Even on the months you don’t, we’ll continue to collect qualified applicants for you. They’ll be ready when you are! Contact us to see how it works.

How do I post my jobs?

You don’t have to! You just say the word, and we’ll post them for you. Even better, we’re integrated with Indeed, AND we have YOUR job descriptions ready to go (specifically for YOUR company). See how it works.

How do I know it will work for me?

We have more than 20 years in the industry – and we specialize in franchise companies. Our customized system caters specifically to YOUR needs – whether you sell food, or tires, or anything in between. Let us show you how easy it is.