The Faster, Simpler Franchise Solution for Sourcing Quality Candidates

Quickly Find the Best Employees

PredictiveTalent™ is your third-party solution for providing franchisees with the tools they need to immediately begin receiving quality candidates. We’ve built our platform with best practices for the franchise industry. It’s streamlined – geared specifically to the unique needs of franchise companies – without overwhelming and unnecessary functionality. It’s simple to use and provides better results.

It’s fast, easy and affordable. And it’s more than a hiring tool – it gives franchise owners a means of selecting the best hourly employees and assessing their ability to succeed within your organization.

Here’s How it Works

Help Your Franchise Owners with Their Biggest Challenge – Finding Quality Candidates

We include specific job postings for your franchise business. Candidates apply 24/7/365, by completing an online application with built-in scoring system – specific to your positions, industry AND culture. Hiring managers receive on-demand reports for each candidate, including a summary of their potential and aptitude, application information, behavioral profile and hiring recommendations.

There is zero cost to the franchisor. And, your franchisees can try it FREE for 30 days. Then, they pay a low monthly fee for a continuous flow of qualified candidates, ranked and scored specifically for your franchise’s unique needs and an easy-to-use screening and selection process that’s proven to lower turnover, increase profits and reduce costs. And, only pay for the months with hiring needs.