Fast-Track Hiring Top Talent for Your Franchise


PredictiveTalent offers an online screening and selection platform that sources top candidates, tracks and manages employee applications, provides hiring recommendations, and streamlines the process of hiring top candidates. All of this reduces turnover, helps you to hire better candidates and in the end—SAVES YOU MONEY!

It’s fast, easy and affordable. And it’s more than a hiring tool – it gives franchise owners a means of selecting the best hourly employees and assessing their ability to succeed within your organization.


Candidates go to a franchise-branded site to apply for a position where they will then step through the application process.


You will receive immediate and comprehensive feedback in the form of a scored applicant report regarding whether a potential employee is a good fit. You can also have a secure site link to view all your applicants.


This fabulous service is only $45 per month per location for unlimited applicants!

As a hiring manager you will receive a detailed report for each candidate:

  • Application information
  • Behavioral profile
  • Summary of candidate success potential
  • How to improve your chances of retaining the employee

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